My Earth Hour 2011

We spend most of the day in our friends wedding. We just got back home, so our earth hour started bit later.


Today's cat pic

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If dogs can do it, so can you!

New concert coming up!

Last week Cut Copy was amazing.

Now I also got ticket to Yann Tiersen concert in May. I finally got to hear him play live!

Bright spring homes

I'm tired of snow and grey weather. I need bright colors and a lot of sun. Early this morning we went for a walk with the dogs and it was the most beautiful morning. Sun was shining and the dogs were enjoying themselves. I'm waiting for those sunny, warm spring mornings when the birds are singing and trees have little green leaves. It's the best time of the year!


Come on Spring!

It's still wintery weather here in Helsinki. The sun though shines more, but it's cold and we still got lot of snow.


Earth Hour 2011

Minä olen ilmoittautunut mukaan oletko sinä? Entä yrityksesi tai oppilaitoksesi?


Punainen Risti valmiina auttamaan maanjäristyksen ja tsunamin uhreja Japanissa

Apuasi tarvitaan!

Avustustyömme rahallinen tukeminen on yksinkertainen ja tehokas tapa auttaa katastrofien uhreja. Lahjoittamalla katastrofirahastoomme olet mukana varmistamassa, että voimme auttaa nopeasti silloin kun apua tarvitaan.

Voit tukea humanitaarista työtämme lahjoittamalla Suomen Punaisen Ristin

katastrofirahaston tilille 221918-68000

IBAN: FI06 2219 1800 0680 00


Lähde: Suomen Punainen Risti

International Committee of the Red Cross