Sushi for dinner

Today I´m making some sushi for our Swedish guest Johan. He is an old friend of Chris. I´ve never met him before and it has been a long time since Chris has met him too. He is going to visit us today and he will be staying the night at our place.

Yesterday I finally called the vet and talked about Pörri with her. Her opinion was that we should only go to the "Aisti" clinic if Pörri gets another seizure. Pörri should be examined while she has the seizure. Epilepsy shows in the EEG only when having the seizure. She also said that if she does not have frequent seizures it should not be that serious. I really hope she does not have any more of those. It was really scary and I felt so bad for her. The MRI and EEG would cost about 600 Euro.


Pikin saalis

Ylpeä Piki ja päästäinen

(Paasta ineen)



A Relief

It has been couple very stressful days. Yesterday Paula was in the operation. It went well. She was able to talk afterwards and everything seemed to be ok. That was a great relief. She is still at the ICU but probably she will be back in her own room soon.

Yesterday I was at school again and I met Dunja. She is an exchange student from Germany who I met through Chris´ friend last winter. She came back here to continue her studies. It was nice to meet her again.

My mom came from Spain yesterday. She was there for the last three weeks. Now she´ll be here for two months and is then going back there with Seppo.

I also learned last week that my godmother Anneli is coming to Finland on next month. She has been living in US for the past almost twenty years. She was here last time in 2003. Then she visited me in my Kallio home. Now she is going to come to see Chris and our new home and cats. She is here for only one week and she has really busy schedule.


A picture says thousends words...

Oh my god, David!


Watch and be shocked for a lifetime.

Busy weekend

It has been quite a busy weekend. I managed to write an essay. I also had to do a presentation about the essay. I still might do some improvements on the presentation. I have two days time to do those.

Yesterday we were at Marjaniemi. We ate lovely dinner that Paula had made. Chris´parents had invited Paula´s sister Sirpa and her mom there. Ulla Paula´s friend from Vancouver was also visiting. Estelle and Matt came the same afternoon from London.

Today I studied and wrote the essay. Estelle, Matt, Paula and Art visited us briefly and took Kisu to Marjaniemi. Matt is leaving tomorrow back to London. Estelle stays here the whole week. Paula is going to have a brain surgery on tuesday, so these upcoming days are very stressfull.


It´s Friday!

I´m so glad it´s Friday. I´m totally exhausted. I had headache all day at work, which I have at least once a week nowadays.
Today I also got paid, so I have money to buy food again. Jippii! I really need to start finding a new job as I can´t live like this. My pay is just ridiculous. I would have enough stress even without these work and money problems.

Tough times right now, but I believe all will be worth the trouble.

We were at town today and went to dine at Grande Grill. This time the dinner was not so good.

I have lot of school stuff to do on weekend. I have to finish the essay and I also have to study and do the group project. We are invited to Marjaniemi on Saturday as Estelle and Matt are also there.

It´s really nice to be able to sleep a bit longer tomorrow. Last night Piki kept us up and we were both very very tired today.

We have new neigbours also. We have not met them yet. We really hope they are nice.


May I introduce two Piki look a likes: Lulu and Pekka

Ika and Juuso have just got two kitties and they look exactly like Piki. They are so cute! Can´t wait to see them.

Here they are Pekka and Lulu.

5 vuotta sitten

isä kuoli keuhkosyöpään ja elämä muuttui pysyvästi.

Aika menee niin nopeasti eteenpäin...

Tärkeät ihmiset, paikat ja tapahtumat jättävät jäljen.

Muistot ja ikävä ovat pysyviä.


Onnea Nea!

Hyvää syntymäpäivää Nealle, joka täyttää tänään 2 vuotta. Laitoin kortin eilen tulemaan. Toivottavasti ennättää ajoissa perille.


Ben and Jerry's at Valtsu

Our Valintatalo has suprised us positively by selling Ben and Jerry's there. It happens to be Chris' favorite ice cream. But don't you think that 5,60 € is a bit too much for an ice cream?

Siwa instead resembles a store from former Soviet Union with it's poor selection. You don´t get shrimps or hoddog buns or even canned mushrooms there. Siwa on selvää säästöä!

Guests from London

We are having guests from London next weekend as Chris´ sister Estelle and her husband Matt are coming to Finland. Matt is leaving back to London on Monday but Estelle is staying one week. We are invited to Marjaniemi to barbeque on Saturday.

Paula is having her operation on next Tuesday and she has to go to hospital on Monday.

Any ideas for Chris´ birthday present?

Chris´ birthday is getting closer. If anyone has some good ideas for his birthday present then let me know. Last year I gave him black 4GB iPod nano with his name engraved on the back of it.

Best place to by iPods (or other Apple related stuff)is the Apple store in Internet. The prices are cheaper there and they have quick home delivery.


Blogin päivitys

Olen siirtynyt Blogin beta versioon, joka sallii blogin ulkonäön suurempaa muokkaamista. Poistin myös joitain postauksia. Jostain syystä esim. Petran lähettämä kommentti ei nyt näykään blogissa. Yritän paneutua tähän, kun on aikaa.



Another weekend is coming to it´s end.
On Friday I visited Tanja, Pasi and Elina in Kallio. Tanja had made some nami mexican food. Chris was having bad neck pains so he had to leave work earlier and could not visit Tanja and Pasi. The neck kept troubling him the whole weekend.
On Saturday I had to study and I also cleaned the house and put some summer clothes away. In the evening we went to sauna at my moms. She is still in Spain.
On Sunday I had to study again. I have to write an essay, so I also started writing it. In the evening then we watched a film called "Devil Wears Prada".
Next week I have no school on tuesday, but my school group is having a meeting. We are doing a project work about Nanso and we have to have a schedule done by Thursday.



This is fun!

If you want to play with dolls. This is a great site for that. Thanks for the tip Petra!
Here you can see some of my new looks. :0)


Synttärionnittelut Miinalle!

Onnea Miina 30-v!

Ihanaa 5-v hääpäivää molemmille Möttösille! :0)

Pörrin tulokset

Tuloksissa ei ilmennyt mitään poikkeavaa. Kalsiumarvo oli hieman koholla, mutta sen perusteella ei yksinään voi vetää mitään johtopäätöstä. Seuraava askel on varmaan Aisti lääkäriasema, kunhan antibiootit on syöty loppuun.


Pörri had a serious seizure on wednesday night. It started about nine o´clock and lasted the whole night. I called the animal clinic but they did not want to take us in. They did not think it was that acute. We were at animal hospital in Espoo yesterday and they did some tests. They took Pörri´s blood and checked her eyes and ears. Her heart was a bit slow and her eyes reacted a bit too slow. She could not tell if it was because of the long seizure. She said that otherwise Pörri was overreacting to all. Pörri has always been like that. She also said that Pörri´s facial expressions were some what unnormal. We might find out something as the test are done, this afternoon. If nothing is found we might have to go to animal hospital Aisti, which is specialized neurological illnesses.
We hope this is nothing too serious.


About my homepage

I have now updated the diary at my homepage. This time I did it myself. It seems now that there must be done some changes to make the webpage work better. It is very slow to update as the whole site is done with Flash. Adding the text on the site takes such a long time that there is no point doing that. I don´t know if the site is updated any time soon, because Chris has so much stuff to do. He is so busy doing his music. It takes long time to update the page and there should be done some major changes.
Yesterday I did update the diary. I added there the complete travel story of our recent trip to Thailand and Singapore.


Green Tree - Stephane Pompougnac

This and many other great tunes that help me get rid of my headache are found in Hotel Costes:

Here are some of my favorites songs:

Variety Lab - London in the Rain
3-11 Porter - Surround me with your love
Limbo Experience - Illusion (Rollercone remix)
Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin
Thunderball - Solar
Femi Kuti - Sorry Sorry
Major boys feat. Amelia - Sous Le Soleil (Cuba Acoustic)
Scott Grooves - Organ Nights Pt. 2

More info: www.discovery-records.com/dance.htm


About beer (German beer)

Let´s talk about beer. When you talk about beer, especially German beer, there is lot to talk about. If someone would like to try a different beer everyday in Germany, he/she would be occupied with that task for the next 13 years.

Every region in Germany has its own beer specialties. In northern Germany people mostly drink dry beer, in south Helles (lager) and Weizen (beer made out of wheat), in Rhineland people drink Kölsch (beer from Cologne) and Alt (German dark beer) and in Berlin die Weisse. In addition to all this there are also Export and Bock beer, Christmas beers, malt beers and many others.

Tips how to enjoy the beer:

Drinking beer directly from the bottle is becoming more common and acceptable. Especially in American or Mexican restaurants the beer is often served straight from bottles. Glasses are brought only if a person wishes to have one. -Although this has as much class as if one would be eating in French restaurant and drinking wine straight from the bottle. The beer should not only be seen as thirst quencher. It should be enjoyed with as much appreciation as good wine. This is why the presentation is so important. There is a reason why every beer has its own type of glass. Though it is said that you can drink beer from any kind of glass as long as the glass is clean.

Pouring the beer right way to the glass is also important. The glass should be first flushed with cold water. This is done because the glass should get cool and be the same temperature as the beer itself. The beer should be poured in to the glass at a slant.

-Every third brewery in the world is in Germany
-With about 5000 different kind of beer marks and over 1200 brewery is Germany entitled to be the home country of beer

The biggest beer mistakes

-Dark beer (Dunkles Bier) is stronger than Light beer (ale, pils, lager) (Helles Bier)
The dark color has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol in the beer. The dark color is the result of using different kinds of malt. It brings more taste to the beer but does not increase the amount of alcohol.

-Beer makes people fat
There are less calories in Pils than in unskimmed milk. More essential is the amount. Beer does stimulate appetite.

-Beer can be used only as drink
Beer can be also used for bbq or cooking.

If you need to know more: http://www.bier.de/


Rice Crispie Squares

¼ cup butter
1 pack marshmallows
5 ½ cups Rice Crispies
½ tsp vanilla
Melt butter, add marshmallows and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until melted. Remove from heat, add vanilla and Rice Crispies. Press into lightly greased 9 x 13 inch pan. Cool.


Reason to celebrate

Now there is a really good reason to celebrate: Our loud lovemaking neighbour who owns the crazy cat has sold her place and is moving away! What even better, we are almost certain that the couple moving there is the same couple we talked with two weeks ago and they were really nice. The case might be that we will soon have excellent neighbours.
We have told Piki, Pörri and Kisu that soon they don´t have to worry about being attacked while they are in their garden or even at home. We don´t have to worry about uninvited guests and daily cat fights. Great!


Look at my carrots! I have now tomatoes, carrots, different kinds of salads and some herbs. I also ate two strawberries that I had planted. They were quite small, but still very tasty. I´m so proud of myself. First time of growing things and it has gone this well. The summer has been very dry and hot, so it is a wonder that my plants are doing this well. There is lot of work watering all the flowers and other plants every day. Luckily it has been raining a bit lately.

Re-arrangeing the furniture

Today we re-arranged few furniture. I haven´t really got used to this new order so I´m not sure if it´s going to stay like this. We moved our computer to bedroom and the cats have now more space around their little "tree". Buddha had to move also. I don´t know if he likes this at all.

There are some changes made also in livingroom.

Cats can now enjoy the view from the window.

Buddha has a new place too.


I´m so happy. I got an email from Pamela Ribon the author of the "Why Girls Are Weird" and the writer of legendary www.pamie.com
I wrote her an email, because I enjoyed her book and her site so much. The book was the best book I have read in a pretty long time. It is funny, smart and touching. So nice of her to answer one of her new fans.
Thanks Pamie!


Sweet sweet music for ya all

My music tip for today is an excellent band called Morcheeba.

Watch and listen http://www.morcheeba.net/