At home again

Our lovely holiday is now over and I'm back at home. Everything went well and we visited lot of beautiful and interesting places.

I will blog more later and put some pictures here too.


Today's cat pic

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Waking up early

I don't know what's wrong with me. Today I woke up before 7 am. I fed Pörri and then she wanted to go out. I didn't feel tired at all. Now I think I might have to take a little nap. Luckily I can.

Yesterday I finished packing and cleaned the house. Now I'm ready for our holiday trip.

Today though we are visiting my grandmother. It's been a while since I saw her. We have lunch together and a coffee afterwards at her place.

Now I have to decide if I want to have a nap or a coffee.

It's so hard to be on holiday. ;0)


Today's cat pic

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The Cribs

What's so wrong with being selfish?

By Jessica Wakeman

There's no better way to get everybody fighting than to bring up the "having kids" or "not having kids" debate. The so-called "mommy wars" are a surefire way to make everybody defensive!

But the discussion can get nasty when women with kids accuse women sans kids of being "selfish," because they aren't interested in giving up certain freedoms and pleasures in favor of raising a child.

Frankly, I am surprised when women use the word "selfish" in this context. After all, isn't one of the upshots of feminism supposed to be that women have more choices than ever before and each of us is free to do what makes us happy?

Read the whole article here: What's so wrong with being selfish?

You might find article My Uterus, Husband, and I Agree – No Children interesting as well.

Read what Cameron Diaz thinks about Childfreeness


Today's cat pic

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Koirakuumetta osa 2 - Kiinanharjakoira

Today I was looking once again information about different dog breeds and I found Chinese Crested dog. I read about it and took a dog breed test. One of the breeds suitable for us was Chinese Crested dog and one of course my favorite Chihuahua.

About Chinese crested dog's temperament: "These dogs are sweet, lively, playful and cuddly. They are exceptionally loving. They are an entertaining companion. Intelligent and very alert. The Chinese Crested Dogs are generally very affectionate, playful and energetic, always finding new ways to be active and bring a smile on your face. They indeed are endearing in their personalities and are known to be great family pets. However, at times they tend to get attached to a certain person in the family and as obvious it is the person whom it gets maximum of love and affection from. They have an ability to perform tricks and are generally good with other pets. They are not barkers. Chinese Crested Dogs like to climb and dig holes. They tend to become very attached to their owners. These dogs enjoy constant companionship, and need constant human leadership."


World's ugliest dog has many years been a Chinese Crested dog, but these fellows look totally adorable.

It will probably take a while to think this dog thing over. If we get one it will be a life changing decision and we both have to want it. Then we have to save money for the dog and find a suitable puppy or grown up dog.


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RedEye: Child-free by choice

Erin Vandenberg, 29, sometimes doesn't want to deal with the question of whether she will have children. Because answering it is never a simple no.

"If they say, 'Why not?' I say, 'Well, we just don't want to.' Then, there's the whole, 'You don't know. You might change your mind,' 'Well, I didn't want kids til I was "X" age and then I had to have them,' " Vandenberg said.

That's both doubtful and insulting, said Vandenberg's husband, Jason Kositarut, 30. "It's almost like saying, 'You really don't know yourself. You don't understand anything about who you are and what you want.' I just kind of want to say, 'Shut up!' "

Read the whole story here > http://redeye.chicagotribune.com/red-062909-nokids-main,0,4735528.story


Koirakuume on taas iskenyt. C ei ole vielä lämmennyt ajatukselle. Täytyy nyt katsoa meneekö tämä ohi. Ongelmana on lähinnä se, että meillä on jo kolme kissaa ja matkalle lähtiessä pitäisi olla koirallekin hoitaja. Äiti on jo sanonut, ettei hän suostu koiraa hoitamaan.

On nämä kyllä söpöjä.

Luulen, että kissatkin tykkäisi.

Antin ja Evelynin häät Iltasanomissa



Today's cat pic

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Antti & Evelyn's wedding on 4th of July

My friend Antti got married yesterday and we all were invited. It was a nice wedding and we all had great fun. Here are some photos from the celebration. Unfortunately my camera is not that good and most of the photos did not came out ok.
Kiitos kuvista Miina. :0)


Happy B-day Petra!

Paljon, paljon onnea Sinulle Pee lähettää koko meidän kissamainen perheemme. :0)


I can finally relax

Start of this week was filled with hopelessness and frustration. Our sweet Kisu cat went missing on Saturday evening. We got her back, but only on Monday night. She might have something wrong with her right legs. We have to maybe bring her to the vet if she doesn't get better. Now she is resting at my moms. We are both so relieved that she came back.

We have confirmed our car route trip now and this time we booked our hotels in advance.

We are staying in the same hotel in Colmar as last summer. It was so romantic and nice there. Can't wait to go back there.

After that we are heading to Luzern. We are staying by the alps in a hotel where I've also stayed before. The view from the hotel is amazing and you can see the Vierwaldstätter See and city of Luzern there.

Our last destination will be in Norther Italy in South Tyrol.

We have booked a nice looking hotel there. Here are some pics from the hotel we've booked.

Now I can finally visit Lago di Resia again.