Snickers is coming home on Friday!

We got good news today, we can finally get Snickers.

I will tell you more when she is here with us. It is going to be an exciting weekend for us all, including Piki and Pörri.


Today's cat pic

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New haircut?

I think I need to get a haircut in the near future. I'm kinda sick and tired of my long hair.

I think this might be my next look. What do you think?

Today I had a bit different day at work. There was a PR happening with fashion shows and all. I helped the models to get their gear on. I had to help two models at the same time and hand them clothes to wear. It went well.

I'm happy that tomorrow is Friday. We still don't know when we are going to get Snickers. At the moment there are five dogs reserved so it can't be that long anymore. I have a feeling it could happen next week. Keep your fingers crossed.


Today's cat pic

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Still waiting..

We are still waiting for Snickers. Don't know yet when we are going to get her. Luckily there are now two other dogs that are also reserved.

Today we were in Oittaa. We walked in the woods. It was a really nice weather, warm and sunny.

I've been writing my thesis today and we might soon go to sauna.

It has been a nice and relaxing weekend.


Snickers is the new member of our family!

Today we got confirmation about the dog we want to adopt. Now she is reserved for us. We don't know yet when we can get her from Vaalimaa. Snickers lives at the moment in Russia.

We are really excited.

This is our little dog Snickers.

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Homeless dogs and cats

I got one comment from Enkeli about adopting a dog. She asked me if there are any homeless dogs in Helsinki/Finland. Obviously the homeless dogs are not as common here as they are in Spain, Estonia or for instance in Russia. There are many homeless cats though.

I promised to give her some links where she can find out more about homeless dogs/(cats). I hope my other readers would also take a few minutes and go through couple of these links.

Kissa-kaveria ei jätetä!

Helsingin eläinsuojeluyhdistys: http://www.hesy.fi/

Löytöeläintalo Viikissä: http://www.loytoelaintalo.fi/

From here you find many links about the dogs that are looking for a home: http://www.tunturisusi.com/koiralinkit/rescue.html

More links: http://koiratarhat.com/23

Dogs that are given away: http://www.lemmikkipalstat.net/apula/koirat.htm

Homeless dogs from Estonia: http://www.pets.ee/

Rekku Rescue: http://www.rekkurescue.com/koirat_koditta.php

Stories about rescue dogs by their new owners (in finnish): http://www.miajoki.com/dogstory.htm

More stories about rescue dogs http://www.pelastetaankoirat.com/paivakirja.htm

"Maailmassa on tällä hetkellä arviolta 600 miljoonaa koiraa, joista 80% on kodittomia tai ei-toivottuja." WSPA

"There are hundreds of millions stray or unwanted dogs and cats. The potential for suffering is huge." WSPA


Today's cat pic

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Adopting a dog

We are at the moment in the middle of the process of adopting a dog. We have been asking about different dogs to adopt and we now have one potential dog in sight. We still need to get the confirmation that she is free to be adopted and we are suitable to be her family.

We are living exciting times now. I wonder how our cats will react on their new dog sister when she arrives.

I won't post any pictures here yet. I want to be sure that we really get that dog first.

This week has been a busy week. I got feedback on my thesis. The theory part was good and there are only minor changes I need to make. Now I have to think of the questions for the research part.

Later today we might go to downtown to a pet store to buy some toys for the dog etc. Everything should be ready when she arrives.

(The dog in the picture is just a random dog, only the color, chocolate brown, is similar to our potential dog.)

I have been reading different dog books on dog behavior and about training a dog. It's a new world for me but very interesting. I can already tell that many dog owners don't actually have a clue how to train their dogs and you see that in the behavior of their dogs. It isn't actually even that hard but it requires a bit of time everyday, calm behavior on the trainers part and consistency. One should never yell at their dog. That I would like to tell our neighbor, who obviously has no idea what she is doing.


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I've been busy

This weekend I'm going to write my thesis. On Monday the theory part has to be finished.

This week I have also been working. Today I was in Iittala Store in Espa. It was a busy day with lot of customers. After the work while on my way home I saw Madonna or her car, while she was leaving Hotel Kämp.

We have both been busy with one little project, but I'll tell you later about it. I want to be sure that everything goes as it should. It'll bring some action and change to our life surely.


Today's cat pic

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Holiday pics, part 2

Here are the rest of the photos from our holiday.

From Switzerland we continued our journey to Italy. We drove trough the Alps and the views were amazing.

Our hotel was in a small town called Glorenza (Glurns auf deutsch).

This is the center of Glorenza and the green building was our hotel.

On our way back to Kaufbeuren, we stopped by Lago di Resia. The weather was quite different compared to the last time I was there 16 years ago. Then it was very hot and we swam in the lake. This time it was freezing +5. In the night it had snowed in the mountains. You wouldn't expect that kind of weather in Italy on July.

Back in Germany. After partying at Tänzelfest on Saturday we slept in and had late breakfast. After breakfast we headed to city to watch the celebration.

View from the Blasius berg to the city of Kaufbeuren

The old watch tower in Kaufbeuren

On Monday we visited Munich and did lot of shopping there.

On Tuesday we drove to Tegelberg in Fuessen where we spend a lovely day on the Alps.

We also swam in Forggensee.

On the last evening we went for a dinner to a restaurant in Apfeltrang. We had a delicious dinner there.

The rest of the photos are from Thea's garden, where the dog Arielle and the cat Rudi like to spend their days.