Holiday pics, finally. Part 1

I've been busy writing my thesis, but now I have little time to put the photos from our road trip here.

Here is the route we drove:

Our road trip started from Southern Germany, in Kaufbeuren. Here is the car we drove.

In a ferry to Konstanz in Germany. From there we drove to Insel Mainau - Isle of Mainau.

These were taken in Insel Mainau. We had a beautiful and hot day there, with all these lovely flowers and plants.

From Mainau we drove to Colmar in France. Colmar is still one of my favorite cities. It's so beautiful.

Our hotel in Colmar. We stayed in the same hotel as last year. The funny thing was that we got the same room. So we were there at the same day 15th of July and stayed in the same room. Maybe we have to make this an every year tradition. ;0)

After Colmar we drove to Luzern in Switzerland. It was a short journey there. I have been to Luzern before. It was about five years ago and I really loved it there. Our hotel was on the mountains and the view from there was excellent. Unfortunately the next day was rainy and foggy. So the view from the breakfast table wasn't so good. But the first day in Luzern was lovely and again hot.

I will upload the photos from Italy and Germany, the rest of our holiday here later. Now I have to have some breakfast and continue my thesis.

Have a nice day!


N. 眠り猫 said...

Happy August!
Lovely pictures (^∇^)

Catanya said...

Wow! Beautiful pics! I am sure you enjoyed yourselves so much! Great car, too!

petrabar said...

jee jee, kivoja kuvia!

mä saan ehkä viikon päästä karvapallon hoitoon: cassulla on kynsi kipeä ja se on äkäinen, niin curtsu sais tulla "lomalle" mun luo...