New haircut?

I think I need to get a haircut in the near future. I'm kinda sick and tired of my long hair.

I think this might be my next look. What do you think?

Today I had a bit different day at work. There was a PR happening with fashion shows and all. I helped the models to get their gear on. I had to help two models at the same time and hand them clothes to wear. It went well.

I'm happy that tomorrow is Friday. We still don't know when we are going to get Snickers. At the moment there are five dogs reserved so it can't be that long anymore. I have a feeling it could happen next week. Keep your fingers crossed.


petrabar said...

ihana tucca!

go for it!

Eveliina said...

I will. Pitäs löytää eka sponsori jostain.
Kyllä mä ennemmin tai myöhemmin. Tää peruukki on alkanut ottaa päähän. ;0P

Enkeli said...

Let's see!
About the hair style, yesh, why not to change a bit? go where your heart takes you : )