Halloween Party 06

Here are some pics from the party. More will be available in few days on my Flickr.

J.Pulkkinen and the fallen angel

Me and the pumpkin

A woman from India and the guy from Brokeback.

The pirate queen and the scary guy.


Husband and wife


Halloween preparation

Yesterday we shopped for todays party. We only found a proper pumpkin at Stockmann.
I did some cleaning and Chris carved the pumpking. Chris also made some delicacies. The storm began in the evening and it still continues. Hopefully we can put the pumpkin outside and it will not fly away.

Curious Pörri sniffing the pumpkin. The face was done by me.

Chris carving.

The scary result.


Best TV Shows of the ´90s


"Sex and the City"

When It Aired: 1998 to 2004

Created By: Darren Star (based on the book by Candace Bushnell)

What It Was About: Four buddies struggle with life as modern 30- and 40-something women in New York City ... which mostly entailed sleeping with whomever and drinking a lot of booze.

Why We Loved It: Because there's nothing men like more that listening to women complain about how bad men are at sex. Not sure why women liked it, though.

Factoid Fun: Because Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie, was so obsessed with their shoes, Manolo Blahnik now has a shoe called The SJP.

Where Are They Now? Sitting in some Manhattan bar, complaining about how bad men are at sex.

Well, not exactly. I don´t agree with you there Paul Semel.

Sex and the City was more than just a TV show about having bad sex with men. It was a totally funny and smart and sometimes even touching. If you watched it at all Paul, you would have noticed that it was also about friendship and love among other meaningful things in life.

And why did you forget ABFAB?

Trick or treat?!

Trick-or-treating, also known as guising, is an activity for children on Halloween in which they proceed from house to house, asking for treats such as candy with the question, "Trick or treat?" Trick-or-treating is done in costume and is one of the main traditions of Halloween.

To get in the mood read the history of halloween:


And prepare some scary but delicios halloween treats:


Karkki vai kepponen?! ;0)

It has been a long week

It has been a long week and it´s still not over. I´m really tired. My Business English lessons started on Monday and I had the longest day. I started my day beeing 8.30 at work and working until 15.00. Straight after work I headed to school to participate on the English lessons. Right after English started my business lessons at 17.35. I sat there until 20.30 pm. After that I was totally exhausted.

On Tuesday I had the presentation to do. The evening was totally exciting to all of us in class. Yesterday I had another really long day. I had again English at 16.00 and after that we worked on two group projects we now have to do. After school I missed the train and had to wait 30 minutes for the next. After I got home I went straight to bed. Today I have an exam and I hope to get home a bit earlier.

Tomorrow we are going to shop for our halloween party. The party will take place on Saturday. I´m already very much waiting for that. My life has been pretty much party free for quite a long time now. I have had too much stuff to do and almost no free time at all.

We have bought the costumes already and planned a bit what we are going to serve. The people that we have invited this time are mostly Chris´ friends or his ex-colleagues. Chris will start working for a new company on Monday.


Stailaa stara

Kiitti taas vinkistä Pee!

Tässä mun stara:


Valitettavasti ei voinu valita kissaa tohon kuvaan, joten otin koiran joka näyttää eniten kissalta. Samaa näköä hieman Pörrin kanssa. Hehe


I´m really happy and proud of my self right now. Today we had to perform at school. The presentation we did was filmed and watched later within groups. My presentation was about team work and what kind of qualities it requires from the members in teams. I have always considered myself as a bad performer who gets too nervous on stage and can´t act naturally in front of the audience. I have always been really afraid of performing in front of people because of my past bad experiences. Today I proved myself that I can do it and what is most important I can do it really well. I acted naturally, I kept eye contact with the audience and I did not read from the paper. I was not nervous at all! I was even surprised how good I looked on camera! :0)

Today has been a rewarding day at school. It is nice to learn that I really can do things better and that I am able to improve myself. This has been another great day for my motivation.

Can it get any better than this? Warm dinner waiting at home and I was picked up by car from the train station.

Happy me and Pörri

Don´t you find it a bit weird that it´s so warm? My flowers are still blooming. Last year the same time we got no leafs on the trees and it was much colder.


Incident at Hese

Tämän päiväinen tapaus Hesen autokaistalla hakee vertaistaan. Nälkäisinä ajoimme kouluni jälkeen eli 21.05 Mäkkylän eli Vermonportin (kuten palautekaavakkeessa luki) Heseen. Olimme molemmat todella nälkäisiä ja väsyneitä. Kävi ilmi, että Mäkkylän Hesessä työskentelee apinalauma, jolla ei ole minkäänlaista käsitystä asiakaspalvelusta, joten tulos oli PÖYRISTYTTÄVÄ.

Kun olimme kauittimen välittömässä läheisyydessä, kuului sieltä kimakka nuoren herran ääni, joka toivotti meidät tervetulleeksi herkkukaistalle. Tämä herätti hieman kummastusta, kun päälle vielä naurettiin. Ajattelin, että joku pilailee hieman. Sen jälkeen olimme tavaamassa tilaustamme, mutta kaiuttimesta kuuluukin samaisen urpon ääni, joka sanoo: "Ai että kana-ateria?!) Siihen me, että ei kun minimega. Johon Urpo Apina: "Ai MEGA ateria?!" Jolloin minulta meni pinna totalisesti ja huusin niin kovaa, kuin ääntä lähti: "MINIMEGA!" Tämän kohtauksen kliimaksina apina huusi ja nauroi takaisin. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

En voi kuin ihmetellä.

Ajoimme vihaisina ja v*******na McDonaldsiin Pitäjänmäen toiselle puolelle hakemaan ruokaa. Eikä ole eka kerta, kun kyseisessä Hesessä on ollut huono palvelu. Aikaisemmin on saanut hampurilaisten vääntöä odottaa yhtä kauan, kuin gourmé ravintolan illallista. Lisäksi on saanut kuulla valitusta asiakkaiden määrästä ja muusta, jota ei asiakkaiden tarvitse, eikä pidä kuulla.

Voitte olla varmoja, että palaute lähti.

Saa nähdä onko apinalaumalla vielä töitä tämän jälkeen.


Cat action

Making some new grooves

Pörri has to do all the things Piki does

Kisu making tasty meatballs

Piki and Pörri on Saturday

Rainy Sunday

It has been raining the whole weekend. We have been most of the time at home. The cats have been also just sleeping and chilling. Today I had to study and did some school stuff. Next week is going to be a busy one. My English lessons start, I have a presentation at school which will be taped and commented and I have my very first test on thursday. So I´m really glad as the week is over.

Today we went for a little walk here in the neighbourhood..

Chris looking goofy

A ghost house!

A mysterious hatch in the ghost house (scary!)

Weird trees

New blog has born!

Chris started a blog of his own today.



Photographing the cats

Photographing the cats is sometimes really hard. Piki does not like to be photographed at all. She gets really annoyed and leaves right away. Pörri is sometimes a great model and other times she just can´t stay still and the photos turn out to be totaly blurred (like today). Today once again I tought it would be a great idea to take some cat photos. The cats did not agree with me. They rarely do.

"What is this crap?! Bring me my caviar and ice cold champagne!"

"How long do I have to hang in here? Do I even get paid for this? This is the curse of being so damn cute."

Pörri´s goofy face. She just can´t stay still for a second.

Anneli's visit

Today we had a very nice evening. My godmother Anneli was visiting us. She lives in Montana near Yellows Stone National Park with her husband Mark and their cat Bilberry (mustikka).

Anneli is a good storyteller and a very warm person. It is a shame that we see so rarely. She invited us to visit her. We should really go one day. There are so many people that we should visit in Canada too. Who knows, maybe our next trip is to that side of the globe.

Anneli brought us delicious maple syrup cookies and cat candies. All the cats seem to love them.

Anneli and my mom

Maple syrup cookie

The box of maple syrup cookies

All the good stuff comes from Canada? ;0)


Ready for Halloween?

Take the Halloween costume quiz!


I did it and this is what it said to me:

Join the culture club!
You seem to be up to date on the latest in movies, television, and pop culture. So consider spending this Halloween dressed as your favorite celebrity or cartoon character. If you want your costume to be homemade, consider dressing as Minnie Mouse (a headband, pipe cleaners, and some black cloth), Harry Potter (it's all about the glasses), or Cher (can you say hair?). Other fun costume ideas that fit your personality include today's hottest movie stars (Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon), millionaire professional athletes (Tiger Woods, Serena Williams), or your favorite cartoon character or Muppet from childhood (Wonder Woman, Kermit the Frog). With so many costume options in this genre, just let your mind wander and you'll come up with tons of creative ideas of your own!

Be prepared to carve some pumpkins! Here are great ideas how to do it.

More ideas are to be found here:


How about dressing your pet to a funny costume?


Move over Derrick!

These papers are full of shit!

Näissä lehdissä ei ole tietoakaan oikeasta journalismista. Lehdet voivat näemmä kirjoittaa ja julkaista juttuja täysin kritiikittömästi.

This Finnish "supermodel" is A.K.A Gay Alien!

I did not know that he made that much money! (but he did not know that himself either)

Here is some shocking footage of our supermodel friend A.K.A Gay Alien at our last Halloween Party.

Beautiful male love.

Me and the famous Finnish super model!

Zin zin looking like Ridge Forrester.


Garden work

Today we raked the whole garden with the help of my mom. I also picked up the rest of the tomatoes, so that they would not freeze. Most of them are still raw. All the cats where outside with us.
Someone tried to burn the kindergarten next door. They had set a brush on fire near the entrance and it burned with high flames. This is a second time that I have witnessed a fire next door. Obviously they were some kids again.
Chris put out the fire with bucket of water.

We have plenty of leafs and lot of raking to do.

Piki going in


Carrots and tomatoes.


Wine tasting and cat bowl shopping

It has not been such busy week and I have been a bit lazy. I should have done more for school. Pretty soon it´s going to get really busy as my English lessons start.

Chris´ parents left to Phuket on tuesday and we now have the car for four weeks. We were at Hullut Päivät in Tapiola Stockmann on Wednesday. We could not stay for long because it was too crazy there. I hate it when so many people are swarming around me.

Today I went to town after work. I had some time before meeting Chris so I went to Kamppi shopping center. I did not find anything major there which is good, because I have almost no money at all. I did buy a cat bowl from Moko because it was so cute.

Eventually I met Chris and we did some purchases.
Now we have been chilling at home and eating well. I also opened a bottle of wine, which Chris got from his work. The purpose of the wine was to taste it and tell your opinion about it on an Internet survey. I have to say that the wine is really good, although I drink white wine very rarely. This wine is light and easy to drink. I could imagine drinking it on a very hot summer day to cool of.

Delicato Family Vineyards Chardonnay 2005 (8,47€ at Alko)

Alkos description of the wine:

Viherkeltainen; hieman kehittynyt
Tuoksu: runsas
Maku: kuiva, trooppisen hedelmäinen, pehmeän hapokas, hennon voinen

Tropical is just right. I can almost feel the sun and hear the waves. Few more glasses and I´m there...