Holiday pics, part 2

Here are the rest of the photos from our holiday.

From Switzerland we continued our journey to Italy. We drove trough the Alps and the views were amazing.

Our hotel was in a small town called Glorenza (Glurns auf deutsch).

This is the center of Glorenza and the green building was our hotel.

On our way back to Kaufbeuren, we stopped by Lago di Resia. The weather was quite different compared to the last time I was there 16 years ago. Then it was very hot and we swam in the lake. This time it was freezing +5. In the night it had snowed in the mountains. You wouldn't expect that kind of weather in Italy on July.

Back in Germany. After partying at Tänzelfest on Saturday we slept in and had late breakfast. After breakfast we headed to city to watch the celebration.

View from the Blasius berg to the city of Kaufbeuren

The old watch tower in Kaufbeuren

On Monday we visited Munich and did lot of shopping there.

On Tuesday we drove to Tegelberg in Fuessen where we spend a lovely day on the Alps.

We also swam in Forggensee.

On the last evening we went for a dinner to a restaurant in Apfeltrang. We had a delicious dinner there.

The rest of the photos are from Thea's garden, where the dog Arielle and the cat Rudi like to spend their days.

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hienoja kuvia ja mitkä maisemat. On ne alpit niin ihanat... -m-