Best of 2008

Here are some photos from the best moments in my life in year 2008:

My year 2008 started in Budapest.

As we got back from Budapest we had visitors from Germany: Nadine and Markus.

In March I got my fourth tattoo as a birthday present from Chris.

We celebrated my birthday in Raku Ya.

In April we made a trip to Sweden.

Piki and Pörri enjoyed the spring.

In the end of May we had our spring party. It was a warm and sunny day.

We did bbq:ing and enjoyed the warm start of the summer.

In June we got married.

In July we made a little trip to Germany..

to France..

and to Switzerland.

The autumn I spend mostly studying, but we had time to enjoy walks in the nature too.

In November we had our Halloween party.

This year we spend the Christmas at home with the cats.

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