Atmosfair - carbon offset provider

Atmosfair was founded in 2004 and is an initiative of forum anders reisen, an association of over 140 small and mid-sized German tour operators; due to its high standards it has been awarded time and again the first place in international quality rankings; the start up was supported by the German Federal Environmental Ministry. For more information visit: www.atmosfair.de/en

Atmosfair's carbon offset program invests funds in 100% CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Gold Standard projects which include: solar energy substitution for diesel power generation in India; efficient wood fuel stoves in Nigeria; and small hydro power generation in Honduras, among many others.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the industry's transport, accommodation and other tourism activities are estimated to account for between 4% and 6% of total global emissions. If action is not taken, tourism's contribution to CO2 emissions could grow by 150% in the next 30 years, based on UNWTO tourism market forecasts."

How does atmosfair work

The passenger voluntarily pays for the greenhouse gases he or she caused by flying e.g. The money is then invested in solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects in developing countries. In doing so, a comparable amount of greenhouse gas emissions can be saved. Your donation helps to make these projects possible.

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