Best of 2009

Here are my highlights of 2009.

The year 2009 had a great start as we traveled on our honeymoon to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The spring time in our garden is always lovely. I enjoy planting flowers and watching the garden coming alive.

The annual spring party is a must. Hopefully next year too!

I love summer! Our garden is the place to be in the summer time.

Our first wedding anniversary in Tallinn.

Our friends wedding.

Our trip to Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy was succesful this year too. I hope to go next year as well. Perhaps with our newest family member.

My cats are always a joy.

Getting Nika home.

Chris' 35th birthday in November.

One of the biggest highlights was that I finished my studies. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of that. I also got a stipend from my thesis. I'm really proud of my achievement.

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