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Who stole the soul? In this day and age of technology ruling over everything, there comes a time when you need to step back and step up. Step up to a new kind of richness and originality. A new kind of soul. Christian Champagne - hailing from Helsinki, Finland - returns with a new label and new sound to unleash upon the masses. Bonafide is that label - a new vinyl/digital outlet that will be distributed by Nu-Urban Music. Releases will be on a quality, not quantity, basis in both formats.

With past releases on Vibe'z Recordings, Nu Urban music, Pivotal Entertainment, Good Looking, Blindside Recordings and Midnight Sun Recordings, this is the next logic step in the progression of the man known as Champagne. It's time to step up and marinate in soul, delivered with unsurpassed richness, good vibes and great grooves.

The masses will want to get with the debut sound of Bonafide courtesy of the first slated release "Good Times". This selection features Champagne in full-on old school mode with a slice of soul. The B-side is also an essential listen with a deep revamp courtesy of the one known as Fanu. Big things are happening here - a megablast of rolling beats with deep grooves and soul.

Bonafide is the label.

Champagne has been busy in the lab, recording his brand new album. The excitement for the release is reaching a fever pitch as leaked tracks have been met with an incredible response.

Hardcore beats with wicked soul could easily describe what the man has been working on. The project features contagious rhythms and hooks to satisfy even the most delicate of listeners. A true original, Champagne brings it like no one else can, writing and re-writing the rules on what drum n bass can, and should be. The assault is well under way with the Good Times digital LP which features the new single and remix by Fanu. An additional ten tracks have Champagne making his mark on the scene once again. Step up and take notice as this one is simply not to be missed.

TP's out in a few weeks time for first kick off release: Champagne vs.Fanu.
BONAFIDE001 the 'Good times' 12" sampler receiving massive props from da one like Bailey.

BONAFIDE 002 going to press: Champagne vs Bcee. More info to come on this hot 12" release shortly. Distributed by Nu Urban Music UK.




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