Wallpaper for our bedroom

We are already starting to think about our new home and how we are going to decorate it.

We would like the bedroom to have an asian look. As we had in our last home. I really liked our dark brown bedroom. The new bedroom has white and silver on closets. We have many golden objects, like a mirror and few paintings. So the color scheme should include gold, silver, white etc.

We have found two wallpapers we really like. At the moment we don't yet know which of these two we will use.

What do you think?

Cherry blossoms

or bamboo

Wallpapers by Harlequin


petrabar said...

eka on ihana, tosi ei tuo toinenkaan huono ole!

Eveliina said...

Se on kyl ihku.

Anonymous said...

bambu on parempi kahdesta hyvästä :o)

Eveliina said...

Tasapeli siis.