A Sleepless Night

We picked Nika up from the animal hospital yesterday, where she was operated on Wednesday. They had to remove her kidney and a part of her small intestine. The reason for this was that they discovered a tumor that was attached to kidney and to the small intestine. They could not remove the tumor from the kidney without an massive bleeding, so the kidney had to be taken out also.

We had a sleepless night here. Everything appeared to be allright. Nika was lively and ate well in the evening. We were not supposed to give her pain medication until this morning. Everything changed as we took her out. She cried loud in the yard and we thought that she had hurt herself, but then we discovered that she tried to pee and it hurt her. She tried to pee three times but it hurt her and she was afraid and in pain. There was pee all over the yard and we were in shock. We called to the hospital to ask if this was normal. They said that it depends on the position and that the wound is sore. We called there the second time and asked if we could give her the pain medication and they said it was fine, because it was midnight.

Nika wanted to sleep in the bathroom and we put there towels for her. Of course Pörri had to have a fit the same night. She hadn't had one for many months. While having the seizure she is out of it and wonders a round in the apartment. She tried all the time to go to the bathroom where Nika was. Nika is afraid of her. At the moment she is afraid of everything.

Poor Nika, it is just agonizing to see her suffer. She doesn't know whats going on and we can't do anything. We have called the hospital three times now. This weekend is going to be stressfull but I think she will be feeling better in a few days. We have to remove the bandage from her surgical wound today and I'm already having a major stress about that.

I can't understand why one dog has to go through so much bad stuff. Like the pancreas thing and her traumatic passt in Russia would not have been enough.


petrabar said...

toivottavasti siellä voidaan tänään jo paremmin..!

Eveliina said...

Oltiin taas vaihteeksi Viikissä viisi tuntia. Antibioottikuuri ja uutta kipulääkettä saatiin. Toivottavasti olo nyt paranee.