Holidays are almost here

Four days to go and my winter holiday starts. I have been trying to figure out what to do. I have more than three weeks holiday and don't want to spend it all here at home. Especially as the weather is what it is.

Finnish winter or at least Helsinki winter is at the moment rain rain and more rain. It's so dark all the time it's making me crazy!

The money situation at the moment is not the best so I have to be careful.

I have been thinking about a trip to Germany. I could be going to Austria as well.

Combo Munich - Berlin or Munich - Salzburg would perhaps be a possibility. Only problem is that I'm not sure if I get company or if I have to travel alone.

I have to decide next week what I'll do.

Muchen and

Berlin or


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petrabar said...

toivottavasti pääset reissuun!

olin tänään hautajaisissa ja niiden ajoitus tämän sään kanssa yhdistettynä oli kyllä todella haastavaa... *ahdistus*

koitetaan glögeillä välipäivinä, eller hur?!?!