My Year 2011

This is what my year 2011 looked like:

The beginning of the year 2011 was very cold. Even Nika needed her winter outfit.

Here are Nika and Chris on the frozen see in Marjaniemi.

Nika enjoying the snow in Tali.

In January we found a new family member in Elämä Koirille ry's website. She was called Sneska at the time. Here she is as a little puppy still in the dog shelter in Vyborg Russia.

We got Sneska, who now is known as Nuppu in the end of February. She wasn't afraid of us at all and felt at home immediately.

Nika though didn't like her at first. It took Nika couple of weeks to get used to her but after that they have been the best of friends. Nika used to protect Nuppu when we went to dog parks. Now Nuppu has grown and is bigger than Nika.

In March we spend a weekend in Tampere where we had Elina's bachelorette party.

Here are Piki and Pörri enjoying their cat tree and early spring sun beams in our livingroom.

We travelled to Budapest for the Easter. The trip was our present to my mom for her 65th birthday back in September. We also celebrated my cousin's 40th birthday. Our hotel was beautiful and the weather was summerlike and sunny.

Flowers were in full bloom although at home we still had a bit of snow.

Nika and Nuppu enjoying the early summer in Rajasaari.

Beautiful syringas in Helsinki.

A day before the midsummer I broke my finger with little help from our dog Nika. I had to wear splint for over three weeks and at first it was pretty difficult. At the time it was also very hot so my hand and fingers were swollen.

We celebrated our friends summer wedding in a traditional finnish coutryside environment. The day was very hot and there were some thunderstorms. Luckily those stayed away from the wedding venue.

In the beginning of our summer holiday in July we travelled to Estonia. We rented a cabin in Saaremaa. It was a nice and relaxing week in a good company. It would be great to go back next summer.

Nika and Nuppu enjoyed Saaremaa's summer and the big garden. We were not the only guest's who liked the place. Greetings to Michael and Silvia.

Chris and BBQ at Tuuliku Puhkemaja garden.

In the summer we also attended conserts, block parties and enjoyed the summer in the city.

In the end of July I travelled to Germany to visit Thea and Heinz. We enjoyed alps but unfortunately the weather was not that great all the time.

Thea's dog Arielle passed away in the early summer, so this was the first time there was no dog in years. Rudi the cat has been ruling the house until now. Thea just got a new dog Lara, from the local dog shelter. I'm going to meet her in January.

In Munchen we visited

art museum

I stayed at Uta and Jochen's in Augsburg one weekend.

I also traveled to Ulm with Uta.

In August we had the Flow festival in Helsinki.

In the beginning of September we enjoyed Islandic music in Huvila tent.

The early Autumn is always pretty. Here we are in Oittaa with the dogs.

In the end of September I made a business trip to Jyväskylä. There I attended the Nordic Business Forum where Al Gore held a speach about the climate change. This fall and winter has been apparently what our falls and winters in the future will be: heavy rain, storms and darkness without an end. Depressing, well atleast we will have no shortage of water.

After the leaves are fallen it's not that pretty anymore. This year it has been a long fall since we still have no snow. Here is Nuppu enjoying fall time in Rajasaari.

This Christmas we spend at my mother's.

The New Year's party is tomorrow. We are going to take it easy here at home with the animals. Nuppu is propably going to be afraid of the fireworks, so we have to be extra careful when we bring her outside. It's better to avoid going outside after six in the evening as then people are allowed to start with the fireworks. Unfortunately some stupid individuals don't care about the rules and I've heard explotions already today.

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