Having a flu

Yesterday I woke up with sore throat, the day went by in pretty ok condition. This morning everything was different. My nose was stuffed and I felt sick. I had to go to work, because of a meeting with HR manager. I had been waiting for that meeting to get instructions and do final improvements on one of my projects.

Well, the meeting was obviously not that important. "Not that important" is the feeling I'm having from my whole training. The project will not be done until maybe in the end of this year. She had not read the material I had done in like two months ago. The material that she herself asked me to do. Then she noticed that the material was in Finnish and she told me only today that it should have been in English. It's the kind of information that is nice to know at this point, not two months ago. So she asked me to translate it to English. I translated it while feeling totally feverish and finished it just before leaving home.

Tomorrow I'm staying at home and resting. I can't go to work feeling like this. My being there doesn't seem to matter anyway.


Enkeli said...

Auch, hope you get well soon!

petrabar said...

krya på dig!

täälläkin rupee kivistämään nenässä ja kurkussa... toivottavasti ei tuu flunssaa...