Nika Snickers is finally at home

It has been a long day. We left home 9.15 and came back 18.30. It took really long time at the customs with paper work and stuff. Nika was really nervous at first but calmed down when we went to car and waited there. She has been nervous here at home too. She has some what used to us but still doesn't trust us completely. She hasn't really payed attention to cats. She is some what nervous around them. The cats are in the livingroom now and she has been there too but nothing has happened.

We went for a long walk with her and we are going to make a shorter one now and then it's time to go to bet. She will be sleeping in the bedroom and we will close the kitchen door, so the cats can have their peace in the livingroom.

So far everything is ok.

No pics yet because Chris forgot the camera at home, but some of Russians had camera and she took pics.

Today was my moms birthday and she met Nika also. Tomorrow she will have a party but Nika is still to nervous to attend.

More stories coming up tomorrow.

Good nigth!

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