Pörri in a tree

What would be more delightful in the evening, than trying to get your cat to come down from a very tall tree and all this would be happening in a pooring rain in a pitch black back yard. I can tell you it's not fun. Finally we or Chris got her down with tall ladders. And how did Pörri end up in a tree? Our dog chased her there, of course.

Inside the house it is usually Pörri who chases Nika, but obviously outside it's a different game.

There has been plenty animal action in our lifes. At the moment there are only three furballs here. Kisu left to Chris' parents yesterday.

Pörri the cat

Nika the dog


Enkeli said...

heheh funny animals, eh!

Anonymous said...

voi pörri, toivottavasti oppi ettei puuhun kannata kiivetä :o)

ROTA said...

and how beautiful they are. I really love to have animals in my house