It's Friday again!

It's Friday and I'm tired.

I just had Elina over and we had few glasses of wine. We had really nice time chatting about things.

I've managed to do my assignments on time although I have not been in a mood for studying. Today I wrote an essay about Japanese newspapers. I have to say that the issues what they write about are a bit different than what I'm used to reading about in Finnish or European newspapers. The newspapers give you a pretty disturbing image about Japan and Japanese life etc.

Tomorrow I have to study for an exam and on Sunday too. I also have to practice Chinese.

I think I can now reveal one of the big changes in my life. I have discussed about this so it is official now. I'm going to stop working for a while and concentrate on my studies. This is only going to happen in next August. I think it will be really good for me in many ways. I have been so worn out for these years. Last autumn was really difficult for me. So before I loose my heath I should really do something about this situation.

Thats about it now.

All I know now is that I'm going to sleep so good and so late tomorrow and in the morning I'm going to enjoy the Hesari (the official newspaper of Helsinki) and a delicious breakfast.

Good night my dear readers!

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