Wednesday stress

Yesterday I found out that one of the assignment that have to be done by Friday night is very difficult. I just read the papers given us by the teacher and stared the assignment for over two hours. I could get started because I didn't know how.
Last night I dreamed about the assignment and woke up with a headache of a lifetime. It lasted almost the whole day. I have headaches pretty often these days.

Well, I have only about two months left and then the studies are over for a while.

Tomorrow we are taking our three furry friends to the vet. It's going to be a show. They don't like going to the vet and they hate their little baskets. Last time Piki was so stressed afterwards that she made a little turd in her basket.

After the vet I have to do the damned assignment. I'm sure I'm going to cry while doing it, it's so hard.

Ps. On Friday is Piki's birthday. She is going to be eight years old. I bought her presents today.

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