A Studious Sunday

Weekend is coming to it's end. Today I have been studying for tomorrows exam about East- and South-East Asian culture history. I won't be going to work tomorrow as I have to do the exam before 5 pm. There will be two questions that require essay answers approximately 2 pages long. I hope it goes well.

Yesterday we were walking in Nuuksio about three hours. We had a picnic in the forest. Afterwards we had sauna at my mom's.

Next week is going to be a busy week as well. I have to return three assignments and I also have to starts writing an essay for the Japanese culture course. It's going to be about "Toiseus, vieraus ja stereotyypit" Miten mielikuvat vieraasta kulttuurista ja sen edustajista vaikuttavat kulttuurien välisessä kohtaamistilanteessa?
- Miten vuorovaikutus toteutuu, kun eri kulttuureista tulevat ihmiset ja kokonaiset kansakunnat voivat olla mielikuvien "vankeja"?

In English: about stereotypes, when meeting people from foreign cultures and countries and the images people have about different cultures and how they affect on the interaction between people and nations.

This is a very interesting subject. We have been given material on which this essay must be based. This material includes writings about interaction and tension between Japan and US after the second world war.

I also have to write an 8 pages long essay by the 14th of March. For this essay we have been given about 30 different subjects to choose from.

This is all very interesting and I wish I had more time to study.

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