Cat fights, sleepless nights, boredom, lessons

I'm not gonna apologize for not writing here for a quite long time. At the moment there is not much to write about and I'm not full of ideas either. After the week of winter holiday and not doing anything, I'm now back to my lessons. Today I had France. It's a pretty difficult language. They speak so fast, swallow words and combine them in the way that leaves me confused sometimes. Luckily I'm not the only one. It's a beautiful language and really want to learn it, at least a bit.

On Friday I have virtual lessons in China. The other not so easy language, or at least some words are very hard to pronounce at least for the Finnish people. I wonder if I'm ever going to speak Chinese properly.

On Monday I had cultures and organizations course. We had a visitor form Lebanon. We asked him a lot of questions about Lebanese culture and business life. He was very nice and we had interesting lessons.

There has been quite a few sleepless nights because of our cats. Pörri and Kisu sometimes fight in the night time.
Pörri also gets up really early in the morning and then starts to wake me up. When she wants her breakfast, she knows how to get it. It's impossible to sleep. She licks my hair and my face. She annoys Kisu and jumps on the TV. She know all the tricks to keep me from sleeping in the morning. Luckily I can sleep late in some mornings. Unfortunately Chris can't and he really needs the sleep.

I can't imagine that I wrote this much from my at the moment pretty boring life.

Oh and one thing that I almost forgot. I have been doing pilates and I 've been feeling lot of pain in varies muscles for the last couple of days. I had to take two days off from that, because the pain in my stomach muscles was so, so bad. Tomorrow I have to do it again. It's no walk in the park, at least not this dvd which I'm doing pilates with.

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mullakin on pilatessetti hankittuna, joskus ku vaan sais aikaseks kokeillakin sitä...