My Christmas

It's great to be able to just relax and take it easy now.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas at our place. My mom was here as well as my cousin and her husband and my aunt and her husband. We had a nice evening with lot of delicious Christmas treats to eat. After Christmas dinner we opened our presents.

I talked to Chris via Skype and he saw me open one of his presents to me. It was a new coffee machine. I have already made few cups of coffee with it and I can taste the difference. It makes really good coffee!

My neighbor Elina was here already today and we ate late breakfast together.

Chris is now with his family at his sisters place in England. They opened the presents this morning and there were lot of presents. I'm wondering how are they able to bring them back home. Chris is coming home tomorrow night.

Then we are working two days and after that it's time for my holiday. We are heading to Budapest on the 30th and we are celebrating the New Year there, just the two of us.

Here are some Christmas photos:

Our Christmas dinner

These were really delicious. I'm proud to say that I made them.

Me and our Christmas tree.

My new coffee machine

As you can see we have no snow at all.

My breakfast

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