Yesterday's DJBB gig at Tavastia

Yesterday me and Petra went to see (and hear) Don Johnson Big Band at Tavastia. For me this was the first time I saw them live or heard their music. Well, I've heard maybe two songs from them but that's about it. Petra has seen them perform six times already. I have to say that I really liked them. It was a very energetic performance and their music is totally cool. The first two songs I liked a lot and they were from their up coming album. (Of course I liked the rest of the song too!) :0)

They also performed Beastie Boys' Sure Shot and I've always loved Beastie Boys.

So that was a great evening. I was at home only at 2.30 am and went straight to bed.

Here are some photos from the evening taken by Petra.

They gave ginger breads to the whole audience at the end of the gig. Nam!

Don Johnson Big Band - Road:


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