Miau! It's Monday.

I finally manage to write here.

My studies have begun and I have a bit to do at the moment. There are two group projects that have deadlines this week and then there are normal assignments and two exams coming in three weeks. I have again quite busy times here. I guess on the coming weekends I have to concentrate on my books. I also have to decide from which topic I'm going to write an essay for the Asia 2008 course. There are many interesting topics to choose from.

Today as I was going through my calendar and I realized something. I have been studying almost for two years soon and the time there is left is getting less and less. I have to make some "big" decisions soon. The first regarding next fall. I won't tell you about that yet, but it's going to be something that I have been waiting for a very long time. Then I have to decide where I'm going to do my work practice. I want it to be as close as possible to my future work. There is a possibility that it's going to be abroad. I have to make a decision about that probably this spring.

On weekend I chilled the most of the time here at home and on Saturday me and Elina went to see a film called "Two Days in Paris". It was a quite funny and I enjoyed it a lot. After that we went to have few drinks in Kaisla. That was the third weekend on a row that I enjoyed the "nightlife" of Helsinki.

On the coming Friday me and Chris are attending Sasku and Mia's party.


petrabar said...


on tässä jo kaivattukkin uusia päivityksiä...

säähän oot kohta ihan rappiolla kun jatkuvasti juostaan riennoissa...! :) :)

ja pian päästään konserttiinkin!!


Eveliina said...

Juu rappiollapa hyvinkin ja taas kaljahammasta kolottaa. ;0)

Konserttia odotellessa. Joudun ikävä kyllä nyt konsertin takia passaamaan yhden luennon. Se onkin muuten ainoa ilta koulussa koko viikolla. Tähän voisi ihan tottua.